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What is Palmistry and why it plays a significant role in determining person’s future? Palmistry plays an inevitable role in astrology. From historic time it is believed that with the help of palm reading, a person’s future can be estimated accurately. Your palm lines is entire map of your stars alignment, planet positions. It reveals your potential, unique personality characteristics & how events likely to be affect your life.A great palmistry astrologer can accurately determine your fate by detailed analysis of your hand shape, fingers locations, and palm lines and so on. Here our experienced knowledgeable astrologers will give you complete consultation & solutions relating with palm lines and palmistry and let a path open in order to succeed in life.

Important palm lines in hand

In terms of palmistry three major lines are heart line, life line and head line. While taking help of these three line person viable to acquire many information in life. Here we will give you some brief knowledge about its importance and functionality in life.
  • 1. Life Line: - The lifeline in the hands of the person begins with index finger and thumb. If life line is long and healthy then it depicts person’s better health throughout his life. Besides it on another hand if it gets shortened than person is suffering will health related issues. If these line is deeply craved in anyone’s hand it means person lifestyle is good but if it occurs fade then it signifies lack of adventure, enthusiasm. If two or more than two lines in a palm it means a person is covered with envelope of positivity.
  • 2. Heart line: - This line is between the smallfingers to the index finger. If this line is long and extended then person is kind hearted and depend on their life partner. But if these line is small then it represents person is selfish and self-centered.
  • 3. Head line: - This head line begins with the index finger and the thumb and goes towards the little finger. If it is clear and healthy then it signifies person is bearer of good memory, courageous, creative, successful person and think twice before taking any important step or decision. While in another side if it is weak and debilitated then person is selfish and coward.